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Cultural Sponsorship


Cultural brand asset management
is the cornerstone of protecting what is important.
How we leverage these assets commercially whilst remaining sensitive to what makes them unique, is the challenge.



“How much is my cultural brand worth? How can I sell it?” are questions we often get asked. The simple answer is “You know what you can sell your brand for, when you know what you got”. And the first step to answering this question is conducting a brand audit and quantifying your brand asset.

The return on investment for the cost and effort expended in conducting a brand audit is considerable, and provides the cultural institution with the facts and figures needed to negotiate profitable associated marketing agreements with partners in the commercial and retail sector.

At CUBRA we provide an end-to-end service, whereby we assess and package the cultural brand assets, through a well-tested process, uncovering key components of the brand potential. With this in hand, we create an associated-marketing package, on the basis of which we identitfy and sell to suited commercial prospects.