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Modern culturally aware consumers increasingly recognise and appreciate the inclusion of cultural iconography in their daily lifestyle. How cultural brands choose to apply their assets becomes the key challenge.



Across the Globe, Museums and cultural institutions are increasingly deriving greater revenue from the sales of high quality merchandise, addressing the needs of a new generation of shoppers, looking for gifts with greater integrity and authenticity. The largest of these institutions have over the years built up retail capabilities to meet this demand, and recognising the special commercial skills and sales culture this requires, they have often outsourced these to independent trading entities.

For cultural institutions who have the cultural assets but not the resources or bandwidth to implement high-end merchandising strategies, CUBRA is now in a position to offer a fully out-sourced retail service, which typically covers:

Collection Strategies Co-branding and co-marketing opportunities Product sourcing and production Inventory and order management On-line shopping platform and extended global reach Integrated marketing, social media, analytics and SEO Business Services